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This is the online home of Arabian Horse Association of Queensland Inc. or AHAQ as we are known. Here you will find news of our events, our Show Schedules, Form Downloads and Results. You will also find general information about the Arabian horse and it’s derivatives in Queensland as well as news from the horse world and the in general.

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You will also be able keep up to date with our news through our Facebook group, Queensland Arabians and enjoy the beauty of our own special breed the Arabian Horse and it’s derivatives on our Instagram account, @qldarabianhorseassociation

Our Upcoming Events:

Are you ready to Party! It’s Carnaval time at the 51st Queensland Arabian Challenge Show

22nd April 2022: 51st Qld Arabian Challenge Show 22nd to 24th April 2022, QSEC.

Entry via Nominate.

Please check our Events Page for more info.

About Us

The Arabian Horse Association of Queensland Inc. was established in 1964 by a group of Arabian Horse owning enthusiasts. The club was formed to promote the Arabian horse to the wider horse owning public though organised shows, events, training days, publishing articles in local newspapers and in specialist horse magazines.

After celebrating it’s 50th year in 2019 the club is still following the original goals for which it was set up. As an affiliate of the Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd, our official breed registry and keeper of the registry records, the AHAQ Inc. continues to hold shows, events, training and learning days and maintaining a public profile, promoting the Arabian horse and it’s derivatives.

The club is run by a Management Committee according to the rules of Incorporated Associations in Australia. The Committee consists of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition are specialists roles as needed such as Publicity, Membership, Youth Development, Show committee, etc.

Meetings are held at least monthly either in a physical location or online. Online meetings are also utilised when managing an upcoming event. In addition, an Annual General Meeting is also held to present the audited reports of the financial management of the club and to report on the year’s activities.

Black Show Arabian.

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Members are entitled to enter all events, shows, competitions they are eligible for. Membership includes liability insurance for all members named in the membership for all events run by an AHSA Ltd Affiliate.

Our membership records & payment are hosted on Nominate Clubs

Family Membership (5 people) $60
Joint Membership (2 People) $50
Adult (Single) Membership $30
Youth (Under 18yrs) Membership $20

Beautiful Arabian Stallion.

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    Our 20-21 Committee Members

    President:Cate Cunningham
    Vice President:Shannon Parry
    Secretary:Shannon Parry
    Treasurer:Janice O’Connor
    Committee:Gary Cunningham
    Kylee Chandler
    Rachel Monoghan
    Jess Wilson
    Karin Liedler Muh
    Karen Mccuin
    Taryn Turl
    Leesa Bloomfield
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